Saddler Ward, also known as Quan Zilla (@QuanZillions), is a seasoned veteran in the music and television industries, boasting a remarkable 12-year career. With four years dedicated to pre and post-production at a special-effects film production facility, Saddler has honed his skills in bringing creative visions to life.


In 2007, Saddler embarked on his dream project, producing the anime "Speed Racer Lives." This endeavor allowed his team to secure the rights to develop toys and expand the iconic "Speed Racer Universe" through reimagined webisodes, showcasing his innovative approach to storytelling.


A graduate of Temple University's esteemed Radio, Television Film program, Saddler holds a degree in specialized technology from Hussian College. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Pharrell, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Tupac Shakur, and Queen Latifah, among others, demonstrating his versatility both behind and in front of the camera.


Before the pandemic, Saddler toured the country alongside NBA champion Rasheed Wallace, illustrating and animating Rasheed's vision of modernized cartoons, video games, and comic books. Presently, Saddler channels his creative energy into producing captivating content with a talented team, exemplified by projects like "Fishing for the Soul."


In his day-to-day endeavors, Saddler engages in drawing, programming, and writing for various mediums, including apps, animated shorts, immersive content, and virtual reality experiences. Alongside Wallace, he co-founded Kids Entertainment Rocks, a brand committed to delivering engaging entertainment for young audiences.


With a thriving YouTube channel boasting 65,000 subscribers, Saddler is recognized as the ultimate multi-hyphenate, excelling as a video game producer, fabricator, prop master, content creator, and toy designer. His motto, "I speak for my work & My work speaks for itself," encapsulates his dedication to producing impactful and memorable content.