Saddler Ward (aka @QuanZillions) is a 12-year music/ television industry professional with 4 years in pre/post production at a special-effects film production facility. His dream project was in 2007 when he had the opportunity to produce an anime called “Speed Racer Lives”, his team obtained the rights to create toys and expand the “Speed Racer Universe” through re-imagined webisodes of the classic brand.

Saddler attended Temple University’s Radio, Television Film program and graduated Hussian College with a degree in specialized technology. He has done extensive work behind the camera, animated work and on camera with many artists including : Pharrel, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, the late Tupac Shakur, The Breakfast Club, Kwame, Queen Latifah, Fat Joe and Big Pun. 

Pre-pandemic he had been active touring the country with NBA champion Rasheed Wallace illustrating and animating Rasheed’s vision of what diverse cartoons, video games and comic books should look like in today’s age. Currently, he is producing content with a close circle of talented creatives like the ones on Fishing for the Soul. His day to day tasks are filled with drawing programming and writing for apps, animated shorts, immersive content and virtual reality experiences through the brand he co-founded with Wallace called Kids Entertainment Rocks. As a YouTuber with 65,000 subscribers, video-game producer, fabricator, prop master, content creator, and toy designer, Saddler Ward is known as the ultimate, infinite, multi-hyphenate.

Quan Zilla
“I speak for my work
& My work speaks for itself.”

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