The House of Honzo is a Philadelphia-based creative team comprised of husband and wife Acori Honzo and LaWanda Shepherd.  

Acori is a multimedia artist who focuses primarily on sculpting and prototype development.  Influences range from Basquiat and Norman Rockwell to comic book artist like Alex Ross.  His works directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences, nostalgia, and moments in history as a starting point.

LaWanda Shepherd blends both creative and business as Operations Manager for Depicting Our Peoples Excellence aka DOPE - the first Black high-end art figurine line.

Acori and LaWanda are founding members of Let's Be Onyx(LBO).  Let's Be Onyx, is a new cutting-edge powerhouse collaboration of five accomplished entities, all with a rich history of pop-culture success.  (    

Together, they develop thougjt provoking projects that aim to honorr the past and inspire the future of art and collectibles.


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