"Depicting Our Peoples Excellence (aka DOPE) is proud to introduce a visionary Black artist, Acori Honzo, a self-taught sculptor and painter, on an impassioned mission to contribute to the artistic narrative of Black history. Acori's journey began over a decade ago when he recognized the lack of representation of Black figures in the collectible art world. Fueled by a desire to fill this gap, he honed his craft and embarked on a personal mission to uplift, inspire, and empower through the documentation of Black history, both past and present.


Acori's dedication to his craft has evolved from a personal obsession into a celebrated career, recognized by private collectors and now manifested in the founding of Depicting Our Peoples Excellence. Alongside co-owners Larry Robertson, Saddler Ward, and LaWanda Shepherd, Acori leads DOPE in its commitment to honoring Historical and Cultural Black Icons. Together, they strive to create meticulously crafted collectible art figurines that authentically capture the essence and legacy of these influential individuals.


At DOPE, we believe in the power of representation and the importance of showcasing the wealth of Black Icons throughout history. Through our collectible art, we aim to celebrate and preserve their stories, ensuring they receive the recognition and admiration they deserve. With skill, authenticity, and love, we are planting a flag for the future of collectibles, where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of artistic expression."